The Chisolm Trail Project

In the late 19th century, the Chisholm Trail became the main route of driving cattle northward from Texas to the railheads in Kansas. The trail was first marked by Jesse Chisholm in 1864 when he blazed the path for his wagons hauling supplies to his trading posts — one southwest of present-day Oklahoma City and the other in Wichita, Kansas. Trading with the U.S. Army and the Indians, the trail stretched from southern Texas across the Red River to Abilene, Kansas.Today you would be hard press to find any part of this legendary trail, but parts of it still exist if you know where to look. And even if you don't find a distinct trail head, you can visit the iconic cities and towns that now exist because of it; some have grown exponentially while others have remained rather muted. Being a proud Texan, I wanted to explore the path of the Chisolm Trail in Texas. This is on-going project so check back often for updates.